Session 1 - Learning from case studies I

Session 2 - Conservation I

Session 3 - Assessment by non-destructive methods

Session 4 - Learning from case studies II

Session 5 - Connections and strengthening

Session 6 - Assessment by testing and modeling I

Session 7 - Learning from case studies III

Session 8 - Assessment and conservation

Session 9 - Learning from case studies IV

Session 10 - Monitoring

Session 11 - Codes, guidelines and assessment

Session 12 - Learning from case studies V

Session 13 - Assessment by testing and modeling II

Session 14 - Conservation II

Posters sessions

Session 1 - Learning from case studies I

Development of an in situ repair strategy for the timber roof of the Breeding Barn at Shelburne Farms

Douglas Porter, Ronald W. Anthony

Some examples of the assessment of Slovenian historical timber structures

Jelena Srpčič, Tomaž Pazlar

A timber propping for Villa Tarabya - A timber liberty architecture in Istanbul

Gennaro Tampone, Pier Paolo Derinaldis

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Session 2 - Conservation I

Protection of timber constructions by using electro osmotic pulsing technology (PLEOT)

Andreas Treu, Erik Larnøy, Lina Nunes, Sónia Duarte, Hasse Halvorsen

Common sense: monitoring of vulnerable wooden constructions

Ola Storsletten

Experiences in design, construction and maintenance of timber shell roofs in Estonia

Karl Õiger, Georg Kodi

Historical knowledge in the preservation of heritage timber structures

Chiara Tardini, Maria Adelaide Parisi

An experimental approach to the treatment and consolidation of degraded timber elements from a XIX century building

Dulce Henriques, Lina Nunes, Jorge de Brito

Renovating mill buildings of the northeastern US

Jeffrey D. Langlois

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Session 3 - Assessment by non-destructive methods

Evaluation of historical wooden structures using nondestructive methods

Ferenc Divos, Ferenc Sismándy Kiss , Peter Takats

Acoustic tomography of timber elements

Mariapaola Riggio, Maurizio Piazza

Use of vibration techniques to determine the rotational stiffness of timber joints

Paul Crovella, George Kyanka

Mechanical characterization of old chestnut beams

Jorge M. Branco, Tiago Peixoto, Paulo B. Lourenço, Pedro Medeiros

Inspection of timber bridges with ultrasonic echo technique

Andreas Hasenstab, Katja Frühwald

Damage severity assessment of timber bridges using frequency response functions and artificial neural networks

Ulrike Dackermann, Jianchun Li, Bijan Samali , Fook Choon Choi, Keith Crews

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Session 4 - Learning from case studies II

Learning from a case study: the great timber roof structures of the Cathedral of Vercelli

Clara Bertolini Cestari, Gianoreste Biglione, Luciana Cestari, Germana Corradino, Alan Crivellaro, Daniele De Luca, Tanja Marzi, Pia Panosch, Riccardo Pasquino

Damaging improvements

David Yeomans

Wood assessment and historical research on timber testing at Fort Adams, Newport, Rhode Island, U.S.A.

Kimberly D. Dugan, Derek Trelstad, Ronald W. Anthony

Lessons learned from evaluation and repair of vintage timber-frame church trusses

Philip L. Westover

Wood structure biodeterioration - A case study on a century church in Piracaia, Brazil

Maria Beatriz Monteiro, Takashi Yojo, Gonzalo Carballeira Lopez, Maria José Miranda

New uses in historic buildings. Case study: a 19th century building in Valencia

Liliana Palaia Pérez

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Session 5 - Connections and strengthening

A study on traditional Chinese wood joint differences as a supplement of wood structure code

Zhi Yue

Influence of moisture and thermal cycles in bonding of FRP laminates on timber elements

Fabiola Nardon, Maria Rosa Valluzzi, Renzo Bertoncello, Enrico Garbin

Modelling the mechanical stresses in adhesive joints of wood bondings considering the mechanical and moisture behaviour of the adherend

Stefan Hering, Peter Niemz

Use of GFRP laminates for strengthening or rehabilitation of timber beams

João Negrão, Ana Balseiro, José Amorim Faria

Construction of the new exhibition center of the Malaysian Timber Industry Board in Johor Bahru

Dave Smedley, Adlin Roseley, Martin Ansell

Connections with timber pins: the influence of dowel bearing strength

Carla Ceraldi, Maria Lippiello, Ennio Russo Ermolli

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Session 6 - Assessment by testing and modeling I

Assessment of the structural properties of timber members in situ - a probabilistic approach

José Saporiti Machado, Paulo B. Lourenço, Pedro Palma

Variability of modulus of elasticity in glued laminated timber beams

Petr Kuklík, Lenka Melzerová

Analysis of ancient timber structures performance capacity

Felicita Ramundo, Mario Rosario Migliore, Gerardo Spina

Assessment of glulam structures using shear core samples

Thomas Tannert, Andreas Müller, Till Vallée

Pilot investigation of dynamic characteristics of a repaired timber beam

Jianchun Li, Keith Crews, Bijan Samali , Fook Choon Choi

Withdrawal resistances by screw-based probes for in-situ assessment of wood

Nobuyoshi Yamaguchi

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Session 7 - Learning from case studies III

The effects of earthquake and fire on urban development and formation of traditional timber building features throughout the history of Istanbul: sample buildings located in the districts of the historical peninsula

Hülya Dişkaya, Oğuz Ceylan

Transylvanian historic roof structures database

Bálint Gy. Szabó, Imola Kirizsán

The survey of the chapel of Three Saints in Karelia: instrumental analysis and structural assessment

Matteo Pasquini, Sandro Parrinello

Assessment and intervention on the timber structure of a XVII century building in Lisbon; an example of seismic retrofitting

Tiago Ilharco, Alexandre A. Costa, Valter Lopes, Aníbal Costa, João M. Guedes

Structural performance of timber pillared mosques under extreme actions: special case of earthquakes

Hilal Tuğba Örmecioğlu, Aslı Er Akan, Cengiz Özmen

Intervention on Transylvanian Baroque roof structures

Dorottya Makay, Boróka Sándor, Boglárka Bordás, Zsuzsa Békési

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Session 8 - Assessment and conservation

Visual grading of large cross section structural timber of Pinus sylvestris L. according to UNE 56544:2007 standard

María-José Montero, Raquel Mateo, Guillermo Íñiguez-González, Francisco Arriaga-Martitegui, Eva Hermoso, Miguel Esteban

Predicting delamination influence on the mechanical performance of straight glued laminated timber beams

Florindo Gaspar, Helena Cruz, Augusto Gomes

Wood corrosion caused by inorganic compounds used as preservatives and fire-retardants

Irena Kučerová, Miroslava Novotná, Kateřina Dvořáková, Alena Michalcová, Linda Mišková, Klára Drábková

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Session 9 - Learning from case studies IV

Analysis of construction system and damage assessment of traditional Turkish house - Case study of timber framed Kula houses

Mine Tanaç Zeren, Özgül Yilmaz Karaman

Structural diagnosis on ancient timber structures: the example of the Diplomatic Room at the Royal Palace in Naples

Nicola Macchioni, Mauro Bernabei, Michele Brunetti, Claudio Pollini, Donato Calicchio, Alan Crivellaro

Wood’s performance in paradise: a case study of Doris Duke’s Shangri La

Janelle L. Leafblad, Matthew B. Bronski, Matthew S. Worster

Diagnosis and rehabilitation of Loreto's Church roof

João Appleton, Pedro Ribeiro, Rita Gonçalves

Seismic response of traditional timber elements and roof structures: learning from the L’Aquila earthquake

Maria Adelaide Parisi, Maurizio Piazza, Claudio Chesi

The fundamental node of a traditional truss - Influence of morphology on efficiency

Gennaro Tampone, Pier Paolo Derinaldis, Elisabetta Ferretti

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Session 10 - Monitoring

Monitoring of a CFRP-timber bowstring-arch bridge using novel sensing systems

Robert Widmann, Rolf Brönnimann, Urs Meier

Investigation and monitoring of historic roof structures during conservation

Imola Kirizsán, Bálint Gy. Szabó

Dynamic monitoring of a large span wood roof

Maíra Ledesma, Jorge Rodrigues

Health monitoring of a cable-stayed timber footbridge

Niclas Björngrim, Anders Gustafsson, Anna Pousette, Olle Hagman

Monitoring and testing of a timber-concrete bridge

Alfredo Dias, Luís Jorge, Miguel Ferreira, Hélder Martins

Monitoring modern timber structures and connections

Hugh Morris, Margaret Worth, Piotr Omenzetter

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Session 11 - Codes, guidelines and assessment

Assessment of timber floor diaphragms in historic unreinforced masonry buildings

Aaron Wilson, Pierre Quenneville, Jason Ingham

The reassessment of existing load bearing structures - implementation into the Swiss standard

Jochen Köhler, René Steiger

The Italian standard UNI 11119:2004 for the in-situ diagnosis of timber structures: pros and cons after 5 years of practical application and proposals for emendations

Massimo Mannucci, Michele Brunetti, Nicola Macchioni

Structural conditions and seismic vulnerability of timber roofs

Maria Adelaide Parisi, Claudio Chesi, Chiara Tardini

Modeling biodegradation of timber - Dose-response models for above-ground decay and its climate-dependent variability

Christian Brischke, Eva Frühwald Hansson

Reliability based robustness of timber structures through NDT data updating

Hélder S. Sousa, John Dalsgaard Sørensen, Poul Henning Kirkegaard, Paulo B. Lourenço, Jorge M. Branco

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Session 12 - Learning from case studies V

Assessment of historic timber structures in Brazil

Carlito Calil Júnior

Anamnesis and aetiology of wooden components of Teatro Sociale in Bergamo (L.Pollak 1809)

Francesco Augelli

Strengthening of the traditional wooden structural system in the historic “Çalıkuşu House”, Kuşadası, Turkey

Başak İpekoğlu, Funda Yaka Çetin, Kerem Şerifaki

Knowledge of the different roofing systems typologies in a public complex of XX century: geometric survey and material investigation

Francesco Augelli, Anna Anzani, Lorenzo Cantini, Paola Condoleo, Antonia Gobbo, Roberta Mastropirro

Analysis of technical state of timber structural elements in Wrocław’s 19th and 20th century historical buildings

Piotr Berkowski, Grzegorz Dmochowski, Maciej Yan Minch, Jerzy Szołomicki

Investigation of the role of fire retardant treatment in the failure of wooden trusses

Ronald W. Anthony, Michael J. Drerup

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Session 13 - Assessment by testing and modeling II

Historic roof trusses and their preservation - A qualitative approach to structural analysis

Ylva Sandin

Determination of embedment depth of timber poles and piles using wavelet transform

Jianchun Li, Keith Crews, Bijan Samali, Mahbube Subhani, Amir Zad

Pushover analysis of traditional masonry buildings: influence of refurbished timber-floors stiffness

Ivan Giongo, Maurizio Piazza, Roberto Tomasi

In-plane shear behaviour of traditional timber walls

Graça Vasconcelos, Elisa Poletti, Maria Eunice Salavessa, Abílio A.M. Jesus, Paulo B. Lourenço, Preecha Pilaon

Robustness analysis of traditional timber trusses

Tiago Vilarinho, Luís A.C. Neves, Jorge M. Branco

Recognition of local defects in timber constructions to optimize repair work

Otto Kroggel, Andreas Hasenstab, Jan Lutz, Harald Garrecht

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Session 14 - Conservation II

Restoration of Gothic wooden ceilings

Fernando Vegas, Camilla Mileto

The impact of properties of Croatian common wood species in their selection and use in the ancient roof constructions

Radovan Despot, Marin Hasan

Inspection and diagnosis of a wooden floor structure of the Monastery of Santa Maria de Pombeiro

Sérgio M. Martins, Rui Ferreira, Artur Feio

Detection of fungal damage of wood in early stages using drilling cores and drilling resistance compared to non-destructive testing methods

Katja Frühwald, Andreas Hasenstab, Kurt Osterloh

Survey and rehabilitation of an historical timber vault

Mario Alberto Chiorino, Luigia Binda, Carlo Casalegno, Ivano Favaro, Roberto Rossetti, Cristina Tedeschi, Claudia Tiraboschi

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Posters sessions

West Black Sea traditional timber structure; The example of Safranbolu Gökçüoğlu mansion

M. Zafer Akdemir, Dilek Ekşi Akbulut

Learning from the restoration site: the biodiversity of historic wooden structures

Francesco Augelli

Evaluating of the principles in the regulations for construction of timber structures in Türkiye

Erkan Avlar, Ezgi Korkmaz

Expertise and needs in assessing wooden structures through a study case of renovation and change of use in a traditional building from the Cevennes area (France)

François Brillard

Preserving the original system of the timber roof structure on an example of the Handanija Mosque in Prusac

Amir Čaušević, Mevludin Zečević, Nerman Rustempašić

Historical theatres and preservation of the ligneous stage machine. New trends in Italy

Giovanna Ceniccola

Constructive idiosyncrasy in traditional wooden-beam floors in the civil architecture of Valencia, Spain

Maria Diodato

Nondestructive methods for in-service glulam beam evaluation

Ferenc Divos, Árpád Tóth, Peter Takats

Improvements in design of timber structures joined with metal dowel-type fasteners

José González Fueyo, M. Domínguez, J. L. Henares, J. A. Cabezas

Semi-destructive tool for 'in-situ' measurement of mechanical resistance of wood

Michal Kloiber, Jan Tippner, Miloš F. Drdácký

Study of the long time behavior of glulam structures

Georg Kodi

On-site x-ray assessment of density in timber structures

Thomas Kruglowa, Robert Kliger, Ylva Sandin

Investigation of structural timber joints used in two heritage buildings located in Gorgan: Case studies in North of Iran

Mehrab Madhoushi

Strengthening of timber structures on the example of roof truss girders in public building

Maciej Yan Minch, Jerzy Szołomicki, Grzegorz Dmochowski, Piotr Berkowski

Documentation of wooden architecture in Kizhi Island

Sandro Parrinello

Mosques with wooden construction - South of East Azerbaijan Province, functions and methods of conserving

Fereshteh Pashaei Kamali, Behroz Omrani

The conservation and renovation of the timber constructions in the Palace Museum

Zhao Peng, Guo Hong, Cao Xiaoli

Correlation between destructive and four NDT techniques tests on historic timber elements

Vlatka Rajčić, Camilla Colla

Close Range Photogrammetry and NDT imaging techniques for the characterization of timber structural elements

Mariapaola Riggio, Federico Prandi, Raffaele De Amicis , Maurizio Piazza

Historical timber-framed buildings: characterization and acquaintance

Maria Eunice Salavessa

Earthquake protection of historical buildings using base isolation technology - A case study on wooden structure in Northern Iran

Ako Vaisi

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