Oral presentations

Each speaker will have 12 minutes for her/his presentation, followed by three minutes allocated for discussion.
The Organization asks all speakers to be ready to start on time; session moderators will ensure that the session is kept on schedule.

Please do NOT bring your own laptop for your presentation - speakers shall deliver the file(s) with their presentations at the Conference Secretariat's desk, in the morning of the day of their presentation.
The computers will be running Windows XP operative system, Microsoft Office 2007 (please make sure your presentation runs smoothly in this version) and a PDF viewer.


Maximum size for a poster is approximately 120 cm high by 90 cm wide. Please do not feel obligated to use the entire sheet of paper. It should be written to be readable from a distance of about 2 meters (which corresponds to a font of about 20 pt, but the larger the better).