LNEC has arranged, with several hotels, special prices for delegates attending conferences organized by LNEC.
However, LNEC has no financial interest in the contract between a person attending an event and any listed hotel and, therefore, LNEC cannot guarantee that a better rate may not eventually be found through a travel agent.

People attending the event are encouraged to make reservations early by contacting the hotel directly and asking for the special price granted to "LNEC - Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil". Hotels will check with LNEC on such reservations, so you should register to the conference first.

See the hotels list and their location in the map and in the PDF file below.

View the hotels list in a larger map.

You can use the Google Maps' features to estimate walking distances and travel times by taxi, bus and/or subway.

      PDF PDF icon SHATIS11_Hotels_list.pdf

(to download the file, right click on the link and select the "Save Link As..." option)

The travel times shown in this list are based on transportation by taxi. Nevertheless, you can walk from some of the listed hotels to LNEC.